Posted by: Jennifer | December 7, 2008

Time off

Obviously, I have taken some time off from blogging. I have some plans to revamp the site up a bit, do some housekeeping, and I am looking into getting my own domain.

I also want to keep my creative juices flowing and while the incident at the Newmarket Aquacentre certainly had a lot of interest and a lot of press, I am looking forward to focusing on other things related to breastfeeding (although I will still bring updates on the Aquacentre case as they become available).

Please bear with me as I work out kinks and work on fixing up this blog!



  1. Nice to hear that! You have been a regular poster, I think this is the right time to take some time off, I feel like doing the same, I am sure by the time you get back, we will see your new blog on your own domain right!

  2. I’ll look forward to your return!

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