Posted by: Jennifer | November 18, 2008

phdinparenting – great posts

I am a fan of a really great blog called phdinparenting.  This month, she is blogging everyday and has asked for reader feed back.  I have really enjoyed her recent post on Friendship and Parenting Styles.

This is something that I struggle with.  Most of my friends parent differently than I do, but I see a great sense of love and respect for their children.  I think we are similar in some areas and different in others, but in the areas that matter, we are generally in sync.  Although I know a few people who have used CIO, they know I disagree, and I think for most, it was generally a “last resort”.  I luckily do not know any spankers.

The difficult thing for me are random people in my day to day life.  People who feel that they can make comments on my children such “you are ruining him” when I told a mother at a birthday party (who I had just met) that I hold my (then) 2 month old son most of the time.  Ruining him. 

And then of course there are the people who have now started on the “time to get that kid to wean” train.  I never tell people “time to stop with the bottle” so it always makes me wonder why people feel it’s ok to tell people to stop nursing.

I find it difficult to find fully like-minded parents in today’s society.  I was at a parenting group and one new mother told the group how her husband was more firm than her with letting the baby cry so it wouldn’t manipulate them.  The baby was three weeks old.  I do not think that this mother was in any way attempting to do her child harm – at all – I think that society has us trained to believe that babies are manipulative and need to trained.  That’s unfortunate.



  1. Three weeks old! I can’t believe people would let a baby so young cry!

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