Posted by: Jennifer | November 17, 2008

Public Backlash

I have had a few comments on my blog and read a few comments where people are interesting in the “public backlash” that will occur when the HRC rules in Cinira’s favour.  Apparently because the “public” (defined by responses on a few newspaper articles) is not in favour of breastfeeding in a pool, or public breastfeeding in general, this should be a big deal.

I do not actually care if people are offended by public breastfeeding because there is a really simple recourse – that person can look away.  If the sight of a nursing mother so offends someone and they fear that their teenager will become aroused or whatever, then maybe the problem is not the nursing mother, but the person.

If people are against nursing in pools, then don’t swim when a mother is nursing.  I bet most people will never see a nursing mom in a pool.

The simple fact remains that a breastfeeding mother cannot be discriminated against.

That’s it.


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