Posted by: Jennifer | November 16, 2008

Just a bit of a clarification

I missed a day of blogging for a personal reason.

I love having this blog – it has always been a dream of mine to blog and I love being able to blog about breastfeeding and chat with like minded people and read other blogs.  I also like the debate aspect that this Newmarket breastfeeding discrimination at the Aquacentre has brought.  It makes me think and learn.

I need to clarify a few things for people and I hope that those who are reading my blog read this:

1.  I am not Cinira, the mother who was discriminated against, nor am I part of the group of people who went to the Aquacentre to exercise their rights to breastfeed.  I am a supporter of Cinira though.  She was discriminated against and I would like her to have justice for that.

2.  This is my blog.  I love that all sorts of people read and comment and I have never censored any comments or not allowed any comments as of now, but I am tired of reading comments telling me to “get a life” or generally attacking.  You may disagree completely with what is going up but consider the fact that you are coming to a breastfeeding blog.  Also please be respectful here.


ETA:  I have now had to edit a comment.  Edits will be bolded.  Please keep personally attacking and insulting people out of comments.


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