Posted by: Jennifer | November 13, 2008

CBC video on Newmarket Breastfeeding Discrimination

If you click on the above and go to 19 minutes and 35 seconds, you can see the story.  The owner essentially shoots herself in the foot here – she claims no discrimination but the very act of asking the nursing mother to move is discrimination.  As for the owners claim about bowel movements or spitting up – the same can be said of any baby at any time.  Having Laura from Caledon, who already won a similar case at the Human Rights Tribunal (in addition to the other cases posted about here), it becomes more and more clear that this was an act of discrimination.  And now the public is seeing it as well.



  1. No, it’s not a case of discrimination at all. The No Feeding the Kids in the Pool rule is one that applies to everyone equally. I can’t fathom why Cirina thinks that she should be the exception. This is a very sad commentary- this woman is preying on the pool owner in order to make a quick buck. The public is overwhelmingly in favour of the pool owner, and I hope she prevails. It’s a good rule- No Food or Drink, period. No breastfeeding, bottlefeeding or peanut butter sandwiches IN the pool. Why not just sit on the deck? Geesh.

  2. Please read my other comments on this issue. I feel like a broken record.

  3. Yeah, I hear ya.

  4. And, you know, I was just thinking… I mean, sure, we have the right to breastfeed anywhere.

    But let’s say that I own a furniture store. A really fancy, super-expensive furniture store. You come in, sit down on my $50,000 sofa and start breastfeeding. I don’t have the right to ask you to move over to the plain wooden chair, for fear of a drip landing on my super-expensive upholstery? It’s okay for you to try to make me pay a settlement for making that request?

  5. Well you could just post a sign that says “no one can sit on this chair”. There was a case out west where a woman believed she was discriminated against in an antique store and the outcome was not in her favour because the owners apparently offerred her a reasonable place to go and the judge did not find that they were discriminating. I’m not really in the know on that case.

    Obviously a woman can’t just walk past a sign at the zoo and start feeding while sitting with the lions, or she can’t just climb onto an exhibit at the ROM and start feeding.

    This is not what happened in this case though.

  6. And if you hear me, then maybe you can follow. Because you know, this is my blog…

  7. sure is your blog. Must be getting tired of deleting all the comments that disagree with your views. Will be fun to see the public backlash if cinira wins. However, I truly do believe sanity and lodgic will win. Delete on my friend. I have forwarded all the yahoo group conversations to the owner and the media is next on my list. Have a greeeaaaattttttt week.

  8. Yeah Joanne, this is my blog.

    Tired of deleting all the comments that disagree with my views? Look around! I haven’t deleted or edited one single comment. As usual, you have no clue what you are talking about.

    And I’m sorry, but discrimination is not a funny topic so you can be as glib as you want, but I know that what is right (Cinira winning) will prevail.

  9. But reasonably, I cannot put signs on every upholstered piece in the store- people do want to sit on a sofa, say, before purchasing it. And there’s no problem with that- there are signs prohibiting Food and Drink on the premises, so spills would generally not be an issue. I’m just wondering- does the right to breastfeed *anywhere* trump the small business owner’s right to protect their investment (be it a clean pool, a sofa, or a piece of clothing)? Because to me, this case has more parallels to the antique store situation than it does to, say, the recent Walmart case down south.

    I have to agree with joanne that the public (judging by the comments on the news sites) is largely in favour of Ellie here. There may very well be a backlash.

  10. I would suggest calling the HRC yourself regarding your furniture. Just like you can’t tell a Chinese person, or a Catholic, or a woman, etc, “you can’t sit on this couch because you’re Chinese, a Catholic, a woman”, you likely can’t tell a breastfeeding woman.

    Around women, a few arguments can be made like what if she gets her period and leaks or what if she has her period and leaks, or if she’s pregnant what is she breaks it due to her weight, or what if her water breaks.

    As for what the public is in favour of, that’s what the government is for – to protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority. And judging from the comments, I think that most people would be happy to do away with public breastfeeding completely and that’s why it’s a protected right.

    So it doesn’t matter what “the public” thinks.

  11. theCanadianLactivist…don’t listen to their nonsense. They really are NOT the majority. Just because they say it, doesn’t make it so. These are the same two people that have been all over the internet. They are making the same foolish arguments again and again. They are only out to cause trouble and there is no honesty in their questions because they have been answered, time and time again, here and many other places. It’s no wonder they support the owner…she is doing the same thing…putting up the blinders even when faced with overwhelming evidence. I know that I would be on the phone with the Human Rights Legal support centre in a second if someone accused me of discrimination a lawyer the next second.

    Judging from the statement below, if Ms. Karkouti had actually called the Human Rights Legal Support Centre, as suggested by the swim group organizer, she would have been told she was breaking the law, would have issued and apology and things would have ended there. Seems like Ms. Karkouti is trying to make some type of discriminatory point in a losing battle. If her businesses suffer because of it, she has only herself to blame for ignoring all the information she has been provided with.

    No sense arguing with a brick wall. The law is very clear. I especially like this comment taken from the follow up article from the Toronto Star. “Ontario’s Human Rights Commission seems to agree. In every case so far, a mediator found the nursing woman had been discriminated against and awarded monetary compensation, said Jennifer Ramsay, spokesperson for the Human Rights Legal Support Centre…”

    And don’t you pigheaded people dare come back with some case in an anique store because we are talking about in and around a pool and THAT is what Jennifer Ramsay is commenting on. To now try to argue something different just shows you are simply here to make trouble…

  12. There are many supporters of Cinira. If there weren’t then why was the owner worried about 400 protestors showing up at her business…or are you now acknowledging that that was baseless too…can’t have it both ways. Either she has enough supporters to have 400 come out to a rally, or she doesn’t have any supporters at all.

    And what about all those emails and phone calls the owner has complained about. Who were those people if not people that know her actions are discrimination? I’ll tell you who they were…doctors, nurses, lactation consultants, jounalists, small business owners, big business owners, educators, midwives, doulas, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, women who have been victims of discrimination and taken it to the OHRC (and won!)…

    You think that they took the time to contact the owner to express their concerns and try to educate/inform but they never sent anything to tell Cinira (or Carol-Anne) how much they support her and appreciate her standing up for women everywhere?

    Joanne and Realist…or should I say Kelly perhaps…or maybe Amy? You women should be completely ashamed of yourselves. Women have fought to dispell the myth that we are the ‘weaker sex’, unable to understand even simple comcepts. Seems like you two fit the mold very well…And in the process you make the rest of those who base their learning on the evidence look bad. Go back to whatever pit you crawled out of…or should I say pool…since we all know what festering pits of disease they are…

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