Posted by: Jennifer | November 8, 2008

Victoria Ballet Academy

With all this negative talk about breastfeeding discrimination at the Aquacentre in Newmarket, Ontario, I want to highlight a really positive business in York Region.

Located in the heart of Thornhill, Ontario, Victoria Ballet Academy is a private day school that also has afternoon and weekend classes for children in ballet, ballet gymnastics, character dance and jazz.  They also offer music and art lessons.  My daughter has been a student in the weekend and afternoon program for the past two and a half years.  I have always loved this school, the teachers are amazing and very professional, and the atmosphere is welcoming for parents and children.  The ballet education is first rate, I cannot say enough about it.  My daughter has excelled and loves attending her classes and practices what she has learned all of the time at home.

When I was pregnant with my son, I learned just why this place is so special.  The spacious waiting room has a large couch and a lounge chair as well as many other chairs to sit.  During my entire pregnancy, I do not think I ever stood or sat on anything but the couch or the lounge chair.  The parents and staff were very respectful of me as a pregnant woman.  After I gave birth to my son, and was able to resume taking my daughter to her lessons, I have always brought my son with me.  When he was really young, he nursed constantly, and I was always given a spot on the lounge chair or couch.  Parents have always stood up to give me their spot, even when I refused.  NEVER was I asked to go to another room, or was it even suggested that I cover or hide.  When I mentioned this to the principal, Vladimir, he seemed shocked, saying that the thought never occured to him (to ask a nursing mother to go elsewhere or cover up).  The staff and parents of this school have always gone above and beyond to not only me, but to all people and you can see it paying off, with kind and respectful children filling the waiting room and ballet school with their spirit.

I just want to recommend this school for anyone looking for a dance program, music or art lessons, or a private full time day school for their children. 

Bravo Victora Ballet Academy!


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