Posted by: Jennifer | November 7, 2008

Following up on the discrimination at the aquacentre in Newmarket

Here is a press release regarding the event and the incident.  There is also a yahoo group that people can join if they are interested in following this story called “bf_discrimination_aquacentre”.

Mother told to move to the change room to breastfeed
Violation of Human Rights!
Friday Nov 7th, The Aquacentre Pool at 2:30-3:30pm

1215 Stellar Dr., Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 7B8


On October 24th, the owner of The Aquacentre in Newmarket, Ms. Ellie Karkouti, told Cinira Longuinho, of Woodbridge, who was breastfeeding her baby that if she wanted to breastfeed she had to do it in the change room. The reason given to Ms. Longuinho, at that time, was that another patron of the pool had made a complaint. Being aware of her right to breastfeed, anytime, anywhere, Ms. Longuinho responded by informing the owner that “As per the law I have the right to breastfeed in public”. According to Ms. Longuinho the owner’s answer was “As per the owner – which is me – if you want to breastfeed, you have to do it in the changeroom”.
( people will be able to either attend or offer email support to Cinira.  There may be other events planned, so I will keep people posted on this site.

Feeling degraded, embarrassed and numb, Ms. Longuinho decided to stop nursing her baby and remain in the warmth of the pool. Upon sharing her experience with other mothers, Ms. Longuinho received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement. Ms. Longuinho decided to return to the pool and exercise her right to breastfeed anywhere anytime because of that support and encouragement.

This Friday, Ms. Longuinho will visit the pool, breastfeeding to meet her child’s needs as usual in hopes of educating the establishment, the public and society that breastfeeding is a human right. It is a human right to breastfeed in a pool, on the pool deck, or in any public place. It is a human right to breastfeed anytime, anywhere as outlined by the Ontario Human Rights Code.

The Policy on Discrimination on Pregnancy and Breastfeeding by the Ontario Human Rights Commission states on page 12, “The Code prohibits discrimination in “services, goods and facilities” against women who are breastfeeding. This means that women have the right to nurse undisturbed, and cannot be prevented from breastfeeding a child in, for example, a public area or restaurant. They also cannot be asked to move to a more “discreet” area to breastfeed a child, or to “cover-up”. Complaints from other persons will not justify interfering with a woman’s right to breastfeed.”

Health Canada launched in 1993 the “Breastfeeding Anytime Anywhere” campaign (Ottawa:Health Canada Communications, K1A 0K9; 1993). According to Health Canada, a supportive environment needs to be created to have “breastfeeding as the socially acceptable and unequaled way of feeding an infant in all settings including schools, workplaces, and other public places.”

Ms. Karkouti was contacted and informed about the Human Rights Code as outlined above by providing her with said document. At that point, her justification changed from that of a patron complaint to a concern that breastmilk is a bodily fluid and breastfeeding would lead to contamination and fouling the pool. Later she went further to say that it is a pool rule that no food or drink is allowed in the pool or on the deck. Once again she was provided with information that dispelled this myth (Breastfeeding at Municipal Pools in Canada:A Report from the Breastfeeding Action Committee of Edmonton August 16, 2002.).

Ms. Longuinho contacted the York Region public health department and the Safe Pools Program which is responsible for pool inspections. Both managers for these departments informed her that there are no written policies prohibiting breastfeeding in pools or stating that they will lead to contamination and fouling of the pool. The Breastfeeding Action Committee of Edmonton report also explored information gathered from the Centre for Disease Control, The World Health Organization and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Within the report it states, “The fact that no where can you find any mention of breastmilk as a contaminant of pool water probably speaks the loudest. It just isn’t a problem, so no one needs to write about it. As far as breastmilk goes, “No Food or Drink in the Pool” rules are inapplicable and unnecessary.”(page 18)

Furthermore, the city of Edmonton changed their policy on breastfeeding in pools as the result of this extensive 50 page report. This report explores, in great depth, the concerns raised that pool water may become contaminated with breastmilk, feces and spit up. It concludes that “No real risks were uncovered, at least no risks any greater than pool operators already encounter on a day-to-day basis in dealing with formula-fed babies, toddlers and young children.” (page 19).

Finally, Ms Longuinho’s motivation for continuing to breastfeed in the pool is to positively influence people’s attitude towards breastfeeding mothers. Ms. Longuinho hopes for more than just the legal right to breastfeed anywhere, anytime, that Ontarians now enjoy. It is her hope that one day, breastfeeding mothers will be safe to enjoy all of the activities available to all Canadians, such as visiting a mall, or restaurant, or pool without fear of being disrespected and even humiliated for exercising that right. Segregation of breastfeeding mothers is not only illegal, but it is also impractical and potentially emotionally damaging for the mother. It is Ms. Longuinho’s hope that breastfeeding mothers are, in fact, encouraged, supported and welcomed.

This issue has resonated with many who have become aware of it. This includes various support groups, nurses, a doctor, lactation consultants and many breastfeeding families who have had to face similar discrimination incidents. We hope that it will also find positive support from your media outlet.




  1. I wonder what Ellie Karkouti thinks about all of it. Good for Cinira Longuinho. I have been lucky enough so far to not have been asked to leave or cover up anywhere. I have had some really nasty stares from older ladies, all I could do was give them a huge smile and try to keep my blood pressure down as they pointed and whispered to each other.
    It is great that Cinira Longuinho is taking a bad experience and making good of it, teaching and sharing with others. She’s turned it into a gift.

  2. It is too bad that when given an opportunity to become educated on the truth of women’s right to breastfeed, some business owners will dig in their heels and become belligerent instead of choosing to open their mind. But it all usually comes out in the wash…. given the power of the internet, this lady has NO idea what she has stepped into and the best advice she could take would be to apologize to Cinira and tape up a “breastfeeding welcome here” sign to her pool door.

  3. Ashley, the owner of the Aquacentre Newmarket, Ellie Karkouti, could have easily turned this into a wonderful experience for Cinira by supporting her right to breastfeed “anytime, anywhere” and recognizing that there is no health risk with respect to breastmilk in a pool. Too bad that she took the other route.

    Cinira really is an inspiration to nursing mothers everywhere.

    I’m sorry you’ve had negative stares from people. 😦

  4. KJ,

    Your post summed up what I feel like as well! Excellent words! She really has no idea what she has stepped into (the owner of the Aquacentre).

  5. ah. More people who do not know what they are talking about. Have you ever been to the site. The owner has the signs up and she also is in favor of breastfeeding. Just NOT IN THE POOL. Actually there is a very large mobile sign outside her facility stating this fact.

    Breastfeeding in a pool could put the baby being breastfed as well as other custmers in danger. The mom should think twice before putting a breast covered by pee, sweat, chemicals and parasites into her baby’s mouth. Learn something about water safety. You have never seen a mother bottle feed her child inside a public pool water.

  6. Joanne,

    First of all comparing feeding via breast and bottle in this instance is not working. Your entire arguments banks on the fact that pools are dirty cesspools and that babies are ingesting all sorts of bad things. I have mentioned to you earlier that anyone swimming, including babies and small children will ingest these things while swimming.

    If the owner has signs up, were they up prior to the incident? If she has signs up, then she would be aware that what she was doing was wrong and would not have asked the mother to stop breastfeeding.

  7. […] surrounding the discrimination of a breastfeeding mother in Newmarket that I blogged about here and here and here, have resulted in a lot of opinions and a lot of talk.  I have noticed that there are […]

  8. Oh my. Again, Joanne goes on about her belief that a woman’s breast becomes too dirty to breastfeed after she comes out of a pool (or as her breast emerges from a pool). Insane. I don’t believe there is any information out there that supports her views. Women simply do not need to wash their breasts prior to breastfeeding. This a difference between bottle feeding and breastfeeding. Bottles need to be washed. Artificial nipples need to be washed. Pacifies need to be washed. Breasts don’t.

    I’ve breastfed my baby at the beach also. I think my breasts were even a little damp still. In fact, they may have even had a few grains of sand on them (goddess forbid!) I can’t imagine obsessively worrying about the feces of fish that might be in the water. Or whale pee, for that matter. That would be pretty darn funny.

    This whole situation just seems to me to be illustrating the total lack of information and understanding that the general public has about breastfeeding.

  9. sorry that you don’t take your self care seriously. I dont know any mother who would put a breast covered with sand (which may include parasites, bugs, animal remains, etc.) in their childs mouth.

    Also comparing the ocean to a public pool is truly sad. If your child catches something from the ocean water you only have yourself and god to sue.

    In a public facility you would sue everyone from the owner, the owners family, the chemical companies, the ministry of health and anyone else you can name .

  10. Wow, Joanne, so we’re going to have laws now to tell women HOW they can breastfeed as well as WHERE? Should we stipulate how long they wash their breast and with what cleanser?

    Ridiculous. And a red herring to what really is going on here. It doesn’t matter if the breast is clean, dirty, sterile or whatever. It’s simply her right to breastfeed wherever she otherwise has the right to be. Period.

    (and I’d love to see one piece of evidence from a Health organization that shows that breastmilk could put another swimmer in danger. If that is true, then we need to start a “no lactating mothers in the pool” policy as I leak breastmilk INTO THE POOL all the time when I’m a nursing mom! Hello! And you’re right… there IS lots of pee in the pool. So… why would a few squirts of breastmilk that might escape a baby’s mouth be more dangerous than gallons of kiddie pee that are of COURSE in the kiddie pool? Um, that is why pools have certain standards to encourage killing those germs.)

    It is again, the utter lack of education here that is stunning and sad. ANd it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes reading online to correct these egregious errors about the safety of breastmilk and alleged “contamination” of pools, but when one is choosing to be ignorant, one isn’t interested in facts… one just wants one’s “side” to be right.

  11. it’s not just the breast milk but also the fouling that can be caused by breast feeding. It is highly likely that the child may spit up, throw up, or poo in the pool during or after feeding. What if the child is sick or carrying a bacteria, virus or parasite that can put my child at risk. Remember that other children are in the pool at the same time. PUBLIC POOL

    How long does it take the mother to notify the staff about the fouling. How long does it take to shut the
    pool down and evacute the people out of the water?

    Or maybe the mother does NOT tell the staff at all. “Oh it was only a bit of puke, what harm could it do, better not say anything because they are going to make me pay a clean up fee.”

    What happens to my kids when they are swimming in this kids puke or poo? Do my children not have a right to swim in safe water.

    What is the business cost associated to closing the pool. What do the other kids do when the pool is close, what happens to the lesson I paid for, how much does it cost the pool to shut down and clean up the pool and how much extra chemicals do they have to put in before people can get in the water again.

    All so that the mom does not take 1 min or less to get out of the water and walk a few steps away from the pool to breastfeed.

    I bet you are going to ask….. What if the kid pukes or poos on the deck. Well, ae a previous gaurd, you pick it up, wipe it with bleach and sterilize with a germacide. And others pool time and health is not affected.

  12. as for being ignorant and uneducated…. I have 2 B.Sc degrees from U of T as well as an executive MBA. I am the CEO of a multi million dollar company that has a large health sector. FYI we are also monitered by the ministry of health as well as the ministry of labour. So unlike you, I am use to thinking of everyones health….my clients, my staff and even the consultants that I hire. I also look at the business side as well.

    If i was an employee of aquacenter i would be proud to work in a facility that follows health and safety regulations.

  13. Joanne are you an employee or affiliated in any way to the aquacenter? You seem very interested in defending a sinking ship.
    From what my education has taught me, breasts are self-cleaning. That’s another bonus of breastfeeding! Your own personal, never ending supply of mother nature’s antibacterial! (You can even squirt a little in your eye to get rid of pink eye or squirt it on a wart and see it disappear.) Breastmilk has been perfectly, I’d say ‘devinely,’ designed!
    I don’t care what credentials you have – you are simply uneducated about breastfeeding, breastmilk and the human rights of a breastfeeding mother.
    I suggest you no longer post until you have read the report titled ‘BREASTFEEDING AT MUNICIPAL POOLS IN CANADA’ A REPORT FROM THE BREASTFEEDING ACTION COMMITTEE OF EDMONTON AUGUST 16, 2002 which can be found at and APPENDICES at

    Joanne if you would like to breastfeed your baby and you think you can’t because of dirty pool water on your breasts – simply express a little of your milk and rub it around the area that your little one will come in contact with – viola! Though this is not necessary because his/her little mouth will no doubt become cleansed by your wonderful milk within seconds of contact!!

  14. well sonia…. i have read it. but there is a difference between alberta and ontario. also, those recommendations….. what does the ministry of health think.

    did the people actually discuss the matter with pool operators. what is the cost associated to allowing people to breastfeed in the pool.

    we therefore will have to allow people to bottle feed kids in the pool as well.


    again the same question…. have you seen anyone bottle feed her baby inside the pool? simiple questions…. still no answer……

  15. joanne,
    -yes in ontario women could sit in a pool with their tops right off – much easier to breastfeed if you ask me!
    -you’d have to ask the ministry of health
    -I can’t imagine what costs there would be – oh maybe the cost of signs saying ‘Breastfeed, anytime, anywhere’ or ‘This facility supports a breastfeeding mothers right to breastfeed her child anytime, anywhere’
    -I don’t see you logic that we’d have to let people bottle feed kids in the pool. You say ‘therefore’ without a preceding point. I believe the containers (cups, bottles) involved would pose a hazard (say if they were glass or left on the side of the pool afterward.)
    -bottom line…because we have the right to; because lawmakers (having been educated by us the people) have concluded that the need of the baby to be fed anywhere, anytime is soooooo important to our society’s health and wellness
    -no I have never seen anyone bottlefeed her baby in a pool, have you ever heard of anyone who wanted to but felt their rights were being violated because they didn’t?
    -again my question “are you an employee or affiliated in any way to the aquacenter?”
    -new question “are you in any way compensated by the formula industry?” and “what cost do you think it would be to our health care system if breastfeeding does not get the community support it needs for mothers to feel comfortable nursing anywhere, anytime?”

  16. OMG!!! Joanne I have read your posts on several sites with great amusement… you are so very wrong on so many levels. I am going to post this response here and elsewhere – why re-type – you seem to ignore it all anyways. So many people have given good, reliable information, that has proof behind it… but here goes… a few more points to ponder.

    I think you need to reread the moms own e-mails about what the health dept manager said as I saw them and that’s not what they said.

    I think you also you need to get a grip – do you really think that a mother, any mother, would go out and get a different child to nurse? IF (and big IF) she was nursing a 3 year old the first time – where was her “months” old baby the second time? I’d like to see you prove she switched kids because it sounds ridiculous.

    When you say “That’s just wrong” are you referring to her allegedly bringing another child or that you think she was nursing a 3 year old? If it’s the first – well you seem to be falling off your rocker… if it’s the second… maybe you should read the World Health Organization, Canadian and American Pediatric Society Asociations guidelines on breastfeeding – which should be continued to 2 years and BEYOND!!! Just because this part of the world seems to prefer formula feeding does mean that breastfeeding for years is wrong – it just means that the formula companies have phenomenal advertising campaigns.

    Way to go Cinira if your child is over 2 years!!! Hey maybe you did bring a different child – the first time you’d leave a “months” old baby at home and come with a nursing 3 year old – second time, you come with the “baby”… good for you if you’re nursing 2!!!

    Joanne, you stated:
    “It is highly likely that the child may spit up, throw up, or poo in the pool during or after feeding.” So IF this is the case – why is it ok to feed on the deck, in the changeroom etc and then come into the pool – if they can spit up or have a bowel movement AFTER feeding then they shouldn’t be allowed in the pool after eating… Also breastfed children spit up less than formula fed and after the first couple months they poop less frequently while formula fed poop more often… so if breastfed children should not be in pools during or after feeding, then it would be even less acceptable for formula fed babies to be in the pool (not that I actually think this – just trying to follow this woman’s logic – but since so much of this is illogical maybe it’s a lost cause).

    Anyone else read that the CDC (the world-renowned leading authority on infectious diseases) says breastmilk requires NO special handling – that it’s NOT a biohazard – unlike urine or stool – which are the body’s WASTE products.

    Is breastmilk unsafe for employees? Well read this:
    the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health
    Administration, was asked whether their regulation “Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne
    Pathogens” applied to breastmilk. “They replied that,
    Breast milk is not included in the standard’s definition of “other potentially
    infectious materials”. Therefore contact with breast milk does not constitute
    occupational exposure, as defined by the standard.”

    You’ve argued that it’s health regulations – well maybe you should reread that too – health dept may say no food or drink in the pool but they also say not on the pool DECK – so if the owner is so adamant about not allowing breastfeeding in the pool – why is she (now) ok with it on the deck??? If she is following the health dept regulations she/you keep quoting – why is she ok with on the deck???

    And then – in your own words “Moms could breastfeed anywhere in the pool except for in or around the pool water.” – is the pool deck not “around” the water? Which is it – does she allow on the pool deck, not on the pool deck, around the water or not around the water? Seems to me she doesn’t even know.

    And the worry about the safety of a breastfeeding (or bottle-feeding) child “being splashed” or “ingesting water” – obviously some people do not have an understanding of how a child, sucking on a breast, uses their mouth – they create suction around the nipple – they can’t nurse if they don’t have an airtight seal – so water CAN’T get in, unlike bottle-feeding where the child CAN have their mouth half open and the bottle can still be dripping in.

    It also seems that people have either not been swimming themselves or with children – EVERYONE, adult or child, gets water in their bodies – through ears, eyes, mouth, nose, as well as ABSORBED through the body’s largest organ – SKIN. If the harsh chemicals bother you – then NO one, not infant, not child, nor adult should be near them. Didn’t the owner herself say somewhere that the chemical suppliers said that the chemicals are not safe for those under the age of 5? If she is so worried about the safety of children – why does she allow ANYONE under the age of 5 in her pool? Didn’t someone say she was pregnant – will she allow her baby in the pool before the age of 5? Can’t imagine the owner of a pool would keep her own child from entering the water until the age of 5.

    Does anyone else see the contradictions?

    Joanne, it seems obvious that you have some sort of personal stake in this – no one else, even if they disagree, is as adamant as you after reading ALL the info (as I have done) – so either you are the owner or the Aquacentre, the person who complained or what you have accused so many of – someone with nothing to do… of maybe just being paid by the owner.

    I really feel that the owner did something against the law – she’s admitted that she told the woman to move – it does not matter where, the act of asking is against the Human Rights code. The health department has said there is no regulation against breastfeeding in or out of the pool – so in the absence of that regulation doesn’t the Human Rights code prevail?

    But even if the owner is so sure of herself – has she taken the time to consult a lawyer? She spent the time and money to hire security guards (3-4), with bullet-proof vests no less, to “protect” her pool against a “gang” of babies, toddlers, kids and parents – but has she actually taken a few minutes to see what her own lawyer might advise? Would that not be a good investment?

    Maybe when the mother told the owner it was her right to breastfeed a “well I disagree, would you mind moving while I try to figure this out?” sort of thing might have gone a long way… anyone try that?

    If anyone wants to fight for the right to bottle(formula) feed in or around the pool – go for it – you want toddlers to bring in sippy sups of juice – go fight for it. Stop whining about what you don’t have and go fight for it if it bothers you that much.

    You mention:
    “there is a difference between alberta and ontario” – what is the difference? Do they have different water? different chemicals? different breastmilk that doesn’t contaminate? do they care less about their health? In what way, besides the obvious distance, are they different? Are you discriminating against them because you think they’re stupid for allowing breastmilk in pools?

    You’ve also mentioned:
    “what is the cost associated to allowing people to breastfeed in the pool.” Did you really ask this? I can not figure out what costs there would be because if breastfeeding is allowed/considered safe then all you have to do is leave moms alone – no pool “decontamination” or other costs required.

    The woman was asked to move – a direct violation of the Human Rights code – AFTERWARDS health and other “issues” were brought up – NOT DURING the incident.

    So to Joanne, and others who think breastmilk is unsanitary, thank you, for so many chuckles – you.

    PS- And since it’s highly likely you are the complainant – what’s really the problem with a breast? God made them or they evolved for a reason – to nourish our children or survival of the species – whatever you believe – just because somewhere along the way SOME societies decided that they were a sexual object doesn’t mean we need to be afraid of them… and if someone has a problem with their (older) children staring – maybe you should teach that it’s not polite to stare. Of course, if everyone who can breastfeed (which is 95-98% of mothers) did, then no one would think twice about any of this.

  17. Jean and Sonja,

    Thank-you both for your great comments and education. You are both a great source of knowledge!

  18. sonja states, “bottom line…because we have the right to;” without really thinking her words through. in the 1940s Germans “had the right to” exterminate people of Jewish descent, and from the 1600s to late 1800s Americans “had the right to” own slaves and treat them however they liked.

    Jujst because we have “rights” doesn’t mean we should throw common sense to the wind. stop fighting the only fight you know how to, and try to make the world a better place for your children.

  19. Joanne, people are wrong calling you ignorant and uneducated. Having 2 B.Sc degrees, an executive MBA and being a CEO of a multi million dollar company shows that you are a very educated person. You’re not uneducated, you’re just an ignorant person.

    I’d like to comment on some of your discriminatory statements:

    – “The owner has the signs up and she also is in favor of breastfeeding. Just NOT IN THE POOL.” I wonder if being a CEO of a multi million dollar company you spread signs around your company saying that EMPLOYEES HAVE TO WORK OVERTIME BUT WON’T GET PAID FOR THAT. Signs on the wall won’t wave people’s rights.

    – “It is highly likely that the child may spit up, throw up, or poo in the pool during or after feeding. What if the child is sick or carrying a bacteria, virus or parasite that can put my child at risk.” What does it has to do with breastfeeding in the swimming pool? Children that are bottle fed in the change room and go back to the pool will likely spit up, throw up and poo in the pool the same way.

    – “The mom should think twice before putting a breast covered by pee, sweat, chemicals and parasites into her baby’s mouth.” Do you cover your children’s mouth with duct tape when they go to a swimming pool? How do you prevent them from swallowing pool’s water, as you said, full of pee, sweat, chemicals and parasites?

    – “Have you seen anyone bottle feed her baby inside the pool?” This is an easy question to answer. People usually carry bottles in their bags and leave the same bags in the change rooms. It does not make sense to leave the pool, get the bottle in the change room, go back to the change room again to drop the bottle and back again to the swimming pool., Women usually carry their breasts with them when they are breastfeeding. Do you leave yours in the change room by chance?

    BREASTFEEDING IN POOLS isn’t against health and safety regulations.

    Being such an educated person, I hope you will be able to see that people have rights id things are not just about money and profit.

  20. Actually, the emails from the mom clearly state “Mr. Meyer, the manager of the water safety sector in newmarket told me that i can not breastfeed inside a pool, but the deck is ok. however, if i agree to this i will be going again by human rights……”

    What about the babies rights to health and safety. Come on, you chose your right to breastfeed anytime, anywhere instead of listening to the manager of the water safety sector?

    Exact words………

    I have the emails as well!

  21. I actually have no idea what you are talking about here.

    As for the babies right to health and safety, if you are that concerned about pool water then I hope you don’t take your children – ever – to a pool, because they will ingest pool water.

  22. This is horrible, the way that this woman is harassing the poor pool owner. Really, how hard would it have been to just get out of the pool. Much easier than escalating the situation the way she has, right? It’s a private pool. The owner’s request was far from unreasonable- her rules are clear: No Food or Drink in the Pool. This whole thing is very obviously a cash- and attention-grab. Why can’t everybody just play by the rules and be happy? Why such nastiness toward this poor pregnant woman? Geesh. Public support is clearly in favour of the owner. So, so sad that this Cirina woman can’t just be reasonable.

    Reminds me of the time I was asked not to bring my 4-year-old son into the woman’s change room at the YMCA. Sure, I could have kicked up a big stink, but for what?

  23. Realist, have you read my most recent post? In case you have not, I suggest you do so now:

    No one is harassing the “poor pool owner”. The pool owner discriminated against a breastfeeding mother. I don’t care whether you, me or the hole in the wall agrees with it – it is discrimination no matter what the pool owner’s rules are.

    As for the general public – the “general public” in the US just voted against the human rights of gay people to marry. Should people just shut up and play by the rules? How about when women could not vote or when black people had to sit at the back of the bus?

    And a cash grab? What gives you that impression? Has Cinira ever asked for money? Has she ever given any indication that she is after money? Even if she were awarded any money, how do you know that she wouldn’t donate it to charity?

    It’s quite sad that Ellie cannot be reasonable.

    As for your example with the YMCA – totally different, but if you as a parent were upset, then you should have fought against it.

  24. Some people are so naive… Kids ingesting somebody else’s breast milk is grosse, but ingesting pee an sweat from other people seems to be OK. I really don’t get it…
    Pepole’s rights are above anyone’s believes or opinions. If I were in Cinira’s plece, yes, problably I would have done something different, but that does not change the fact that no one can take her rights away. My opinion, the pool owner or anybody else’s opinion doesn’t matter. No one is above the law.

  25. Julio, Thanks for your comment! I agree with you. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else would do in the situation, what matters is that the law allows breastfeeding mothers to breastfeed wherever, whenever.

  26. I think you all need to just relax. There is no victim, there is no death, there is no harm to any one. If Cirina does not like the rules at a PRIVATLEY owned facility, then just do not come back. Simple. Taking this poor owner ” who is pregant” to this much stress and worry is terrible. EVERYONE TAKE A BREATH AND RELAX.

  27. Pigs.

  28. I was looking for the address for this pool.
    You people have way too much time on your hands if you have to publicize your issues. So the owner asked you to move. It’s her business! If you want to expose yourself do it in your own place not in public. It’s quite sad you don’t acknowledge it’s not all about you!

  29. This is an interesting debate. Was the ‘nurse-in’ at the pool on Nov 7/08 successful? I don’t see any comments after.

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