Posted by: Jennifer | November 6, 2008

At work

I am back and work and two things happened to me.

1.  I leaked today.  I was wearing a black dress (!) and I leaked.  It was not hugely noticeable, but still.  I miss my little man during the day.

2.  Yesterday one of my colleagues asked if I was still nursing and I said yes and she was like “you’ve got to end that soon”.  All I said was that I was going to nurse him until he was ready to wean.  I wish I could say more.  Then we were discussing daycare and I mentioned that I was happy with my selection of daycare and that they were giving him one on one care right now because it is important to me that he adjusts well and feels loved and secure and is not left to cry and she said that crying would toughen him up, etc.  And I didn’t respond.

I wish I could speak up for myself more.



  1. I know what you mean. I fumble for the right words when I need them the most. I tried going back to teach and my little one (5 months) was going to be in the infant room, just a few feet away. He cried, he screamed and shook and they said, “if you quit and stay home with him he’ll just be that much more attatched…and he needs to learn that if he cries you won’t come running to get him.” For a few mintues I thought that made sense.

    And then I quit. And know I’m home with him, struggling to pay bills, but he’s not crying and we’re loving it.

  2. I know what you mean…holding your mouth closed when you really just want to let it all out.
    I think in many ways I’m lucky that Ara is a Fussy Baby…she just will NOT in many things.
    I am also lucky or unlucky I’m not sure which…the daycare (one only) in our town is not great and I would not earn enough to make it worth it anyway.

  3. Ashley, that’s horrible that you had that experience. I am so happy that my daycare has a no cry policy. I would be absolutely unable to send him if he was left to cry. Would there be any way for you to wear your baby if you return to similar work?

    I’m glad you’re happy at home now!


    I wish I could say more, but it almost seems pointless! That’s too bad that there is only one option in your town. 😦 She is a lucky girl to be able to stay home with you!

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