Posted by: Jennifer | November 2, 2008

Return to work

As Canadians we are lucky to have a one year maternity leave, partially funded by the government.  Tomorrow marks the end of my mat leave as I return to work.  While I am excited about certain aspects of working, I am mourning the loss of a part of my nursing relationship – on demand, day time nursing.  I plan, as I did with my daughter, to nurse in the AM before daycare, in the afternoon when I pick up my son, and throughout the night as needed as we cuddle in our family bed.  I also plan to nurse on the weekend, of course. 

I find it absolutely fascinating how supply works in that there will be milk for Saturday and Sunday during the day, even though I will not be day time nursing.

I am not looking forward to engorged breasts tomorrow and for the next few days as my supply regulates itself.

I feel sad right now but I wanted to blog about it.



  1. I wondered too about how I would catch up with myself at the weekends – and I’ve had to top up with a bottle, but its been easier than I had thought. I manage most of his feeds at weekends, especially now he’s on solids. If I feed as much as I can over the weekends it gets my supply a bit more buoyant for Monday so I can cope with another busy week without the milk tailing off. Its usually quite low by a friday especially if I haven’t had regular lunch breaks to express.

  2. Hi,

    What about pumping or expressing during the day while on work breaks. I know that under the Law you are entitled to have time to do just that, without it being docked from pay etc..

    Might be something to check out.. as you can express one day for the following days daytime supply.. something to consider.

    good luck returning to work..

  3. I Familoo, thanks for stopping by! I ended up with Mastitis – ahhh! With me, my son is over a year now, so I’m not pumping during the day and it’s been a painful few days – hence the mastitis!

    Good luck to you though, how are you doing now?

  4. Tahena,

    Since my son is over a year, I’ve decided not to pump. I can feed him enough breastmilk in the AM and PM and on weekends and at daycare he can drink water and eat solids. I have actually hand expressed a few times recently (especially after the mastitis) just to take the edge off and make sure that it doesn’t recur!

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