Posted by: Jennifer | October 20, 2008

Way to go Canada!

I have been debating a bit on a message board recently about government involvement (I love our universal health care) and am proud to let everyone know that Canada became the first country to limit the use of bisphenol A on Saturday when it formally declared the chemical a hazardous substance.  To think – this is a Conservative initiative!

All bottles, sippy cups and other things that use BPA will now be banned – and this includes advertising as well. 


So on the one hand “hurray”, and on the other hand – how about more promotion of breastfeeding?  While I think that it is fantastic that babies who need to be fed through bottles will not be injesting a toxic substance just because their parents cannot afford to pay $20 for a Kleen Kanteen stainless steel bottle, I also think we need to put money, time and effort into making breastfeeding easier.

Number one on my list is as usual stop with the “breast is best”.  Seriously, this campaign needs to end now.  Breast is not best, it is standard, normal, the biological norm.  Formula is inferior.  I will say it again, formula is inferior.  It does not matter what a person’s reasons are for not breastfeeding, formula still remains inferior.  As long as people continue to think that breast is best, they will continue to think that formula is normal, nearly as good, fine, etc.

Number two on my list is to educate doctors and nurses more.  When a woman goes for her first well baby visit it should be standard that her doctor or a nurse or a lactation consultant in the office look at the woman’s latch.  If the woman is having any problems at all, the doctor can help her right there, or refer her on if need be.  More often than not, a baby not gaining enough weight by the formula feeding charts is often supplemented, which of course causes supply problems for mom, etc.  If moms were supported initially by their doctors, a lot of problems would be solved quicker and much more effectively.

So hurray to Canada, but we still have a long, long way to go.

On a good note, my son’s one year birthday is coming up and so is our one year nursing milestone!  🙂



  1. I agree that we still have a long way to go! I didn’t give my daughter baby food, but instead she ate lots of canned vegetables (peas, beans, corn, etc) that are soft and easy to pick up. But there isn’t a ban on BPA in cans yet. I plan to submit a comment as part of the consultation process on the planned regulations.

  2. “I plan to submit a comment as part of the consultation process on the planned regulations.”

    How do you go about doing that?

  3. Here is a link to the proposed risk management approach:

    At the end of the document, there is information on how to submit your comments.

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